Festivals and Dedications

The sizes and shapes of chochin (paper lanterns) for festivals and dedications are regionally diverse. We shall do our best to offer chochin in the regional shape to help preserve the region’s tradition.

Nakabuto Yumihari
(Medium-thick chochin with bow-shaped handle)

A traditionally shaped chochin (paper lanterns) which has been used for festivals and weddings. They can also be used for shop interiors or as gifts.

Daihachimaru (Festivals)

A traditional shaped chochin (paper lanterns) primarily used for festivals and decoration. Perhaps most people would be reminded of this type when they think of chochin.

Hachimaru Yumihari

With its familiar shape, this is the most widely used type for festivals and dedications. This is the one used as goyo-chochin (official lanterns) seen in historical samurai dramas. The handle can be folded for compact storage.

A landscape with chochin提灯のある風景