MIC Series

While retaining the functionality and stylistic beauty of traditional chochin, visual artist Mick Itaya's design has given birth to a modern chochin with the beauty and joy of form and the breath of light.


The sculptural head figure, the ancient auspicious pine, bamboo, and plum, and the trees and flowers of the natural world create a form never before seen in a chochin. It features a sound sensor switch, LEDs that reproduce the flickering of candles, and a patented stand structure.


Taking familiar natural subjects such as birds and buds as its theme, we have added the movement of a rising koboshi to make it a more familiar chochin. This is a completely new type of chochin that can be enjoyed not only by looking at it but also by touching it. It features a sound sensor switch, LEDs that reproduce the flickering of candles, a patented stand structure, and an "akigarashi koboushi" function that restores itself even if it falls over.


Place, hang, hang, or carry. It can be used indoors to decorate a table, or outdoors to hang from a tree branch.Since there are no pillars, you can enjoy the free form of this new type of chochin, which can be placed, hung, or taken out for use.


Chochin are essentially flashlights. It serves as a lighting fixture indoors and illuminates your feet on dark nighttime streets. It is a light that projects a flower-like pattern.It was born from an innocent idea that it would be nice to have a lantern that looks like a flashlight. It uses a patented stand structure.


It is born from the desire to make a cute and easy-to-handle Chochin.We use "Nishinouchi Washi", a strong and beautiful Japanese paper made in Ibaraki prefecture.


A landscape with chochin提灯のある風景