Obon festival

During the Obon season, Obon chochin are lit with feelings of gratitude and prayers of condolence toward the deceased as well as acting as a sign to keep those deceased ancestors from getting lost on the way back to their old homes. We offer various kinds of Obon chochin in accordance with the respective regions and religious sects.

Kuko Yumihari

These chochin are often engraved with family crests or surnames and used as welcome chochin (gate lanterns) hung and lit at the entrance of homes during Obon season. We will take care of the engraving of family crests and surnames as well.

Daihachimaru (Obon)

This is a traditional shaped chochin (paper lanterns) which is primarily used for festivals and decoration. Perhaps most people would be reminded of this type when they think of chochin.